ruth dunklee taylor(non-registered)
some beautiful works
number 1 fan. love you both
mrs. bunky
Karen DeBenedictis(non-registered)
Really nice. Love the black and white movie set. If Dean gets his house I would love to have you take pictures so I could frame something for him.
Karen DeBenedictis(non-registered)
Post card beautiful! You have quite an eye. Really enjoyed.
Herb Jones(non-registered)
Enjoy your ride on this wonderful journey, as it only comes to us for a short time...
Beverly Fanning(non-registered)
great as usual. My first pic of yours is proudly on my living room wall right next to my COA picture. you do good work
ruth dunklee taylor(non-registered)
nice work!!
michael villa(non-registered)
just found this looks good found something to do with your time
Always enjoy seeing your pictures Jim.
Bruce Benner(non-registered)
Great work very enjoyable photographs. “Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop.” — Ansel Adams Thanks for sharing JCandM
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